Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Fire and Blood Season finale

News of Eddard Stark’s execution spreads to Winterfell, Castle Black, and Robb Stark in the field while news of Jamie’s capture reaches Tywin. Robb is proclaimed King in the North by the bannermen of House Stark and House Tully, and continues marching to war on the Lannisters. Tywin prepares a retreat from an untenable position, and installs Tyrion as the King’s Hand to keep Joffrey and Cersei in check. Jon Snow deserts and rides off to fight with his brother, but is convinced by his fellow Night’s Watchmen to not abandon his oath, and rides north of the wall with Mormont and the Night’s Watch on a scouting mission the next day. Arya, a fugitive on the run from the Lannisters, is hidden and taken north by Yoren, who is still loyal to the Starks. In the east, Khal Drogo is left in a vegetative state and Daenerys’ child stillborn by the treachery of the witch. Daenerys smothers Drogo, and much of the leaderless Khalasar disbands. In the closing scene, Daenerys walks into Drogo’s funeral pyre with the dragon eggs and the witch burning at the stake. In the morning, Jorah and the remaining Dothraki awaken in awe to find Daenerys unharmed, with three newborn dragons, rising as the true heir to House Targaryen.

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